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Top 5 Budget Friendly Beach Vacations

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Cheap tropical vacations that won't break the bank! The top beach choices for a small budget that are still paradise!

This post contains affiliate links which means that at no extra cost to you, we could earn a few percent commission if you book at any of the accommodations we recommend.


We all want a glorious day soaking up the sun with the waves crashing in the background. But sometimes the cost of paradise keeps you from booking the next flight outta there! I want to show you that dream could be a reality sooner than you think! Today we are going to explore some budget friendly beach vacation locations. I tried to give an overview throughout the world. Obviously locations that are closer to you will cost less in terms of travel arrangements (flights, car or boat trips, cruises, etc.) I also tried to give a wide variety of types of locations, a little something for everything, from the family trips to the honeymooners to our solo travelers! I hope you enjoy!


5. Jamaica

Good for: Group Trips full of adventure junkies

Jamaica is a perfect budget friendly option for your next tropical adventure! Jamaica is full of lush forests, waterfalls and gorgeous white sandy beaches with turquoise waters. Jamaica has many all-inclusive resorts that cater to your every need with a wide variety of food and entertainment options. Many vacation packages amount to around $100 USD a day. Imagine waking up to a sunrise over the mountain top, getting dressed in your favorite bikini to climb waterfalls and float down a rain forest river on a bamboo raft. End the day with a dip in the infinity pool sipping Red Stripe and watching the sunset over the water! You have some jerk for dinner with Bob Marley playing in the background. Sounds like paradise to me!

This would be a great option for anyone traveling from the U.S. and actually can have some great flights out of Europe. I would plan on bringing a group of friends to adventure with every day but this location also oozes romance. A great option for honeymooners that love to explore together!

My Top Budget Accommodation Picks in Jamaica:


4. Punta Cana, Dominica Republic

Good for: Beach Babes!

Punta Cana is probably your desktop default background right now! This is the place of post cards. Another Caribbean island perfect for a quick flight from the U.S., Punta Cana is the easternmost tip of Dominica Republic. If palm trees are your thing, this is the paradise for you. White sandy beaches and a beaming coral world beneath the sea make this a great option for water lovers. I would definitely say this is for those of you who literally don't want to do ANYTHING on your vacation but lay out and tan and watch the waves go by! An excellent choice for Instagram worthy pictures too! At about 107 USD/day just slightly higher than Jamaica, Punta Cana will give you a lux resort vibe boasting beach views so it might be worth the few extra dollars!

My Top Budget Accommodation Picks in Punta Cana, DR:


3. Bali, Indonesia

Good for: Solo Travelers or Adventure Couples

Bali really should be number one on this list because average tourist costs are only $63 USD per day! The one downfall for all my American and European friends is that it is literally on the other side of the world. :( BUT if you have the money to spend on the plane ticket, it will be SO worth it!

Not only is Bali inexpensive, it is full of culture and adventure (AND AMAZING BEACHES, DUH!) This is a surfer's dreamland where you can surf all day and hit the beach bar at night. A great option for solo travelers who want to meet other like-minded people! Imagine yourself entangled in a white bed floating over the rice fields in a tree house? Yepp, that's Bali. A perfect retreat for couples who love the beach but also love finding waterfalls, playing with monkeys and exploring local culture. There is a reason Bali is so loved by so many! It really is a tropical paradise!

And if you are making the journey across the world, visiting the Philippines, Thailand and other parts of South East Asia are definitely worth it because they are all extremely inexpensive as well! I chose Bali specifically for this list because of the amazing beach culture!

My Top Budget Accommodation Picks in Bali:


2. The Bahamas

Good for: Girls trips to paradise

There is no better place than the Bahamas! And although it is one of the higher price per day choices on the list (averaging $123/day), there are many many places in the Bahamas that would shatter that cost! If cruising is your thing, then almost all ships traveling from Florida make a stop in the Bahamas. For good reason! Bright blue waters and white sand are everywhere you look. A great option for a girl's weekend getaway!

There are many resorts in the Bahamas that are super lux and amazing but also super expensive. To save, try finding more local islands and accommodations. Save by eating at a local conch shack instead of the resort restaurant. (This really goes for all the locations on this list! It also makes the trip so much better because you get a local experience!) There are many flights out of major airports across the U.S. that go direct to the Bahamas and make it an excellent escape that won't break the bank!

My Top Budget Accommodation Picks in The Bahamas:


1. Cancun, Mexico

Good for: ANYONE!

Budget Friendly Beach Vacations: Cancun

Ah, Cancun! You're probably thinking, "Hannah, I thought Cancun was for college spring breakers?!" And that is exactly why I wanted it to top this list! College spring breakers choose this location because it is so budget friendly, BUT there is so much more to Cancun and the surrounding area than spring breakers partying in the foam clubs. (I mean that could also be your jam and that would be totally okay, too!) There are beautiful white sand beaches, clear blue water, and plenty of Mexican culture! Cancun has a long strip of full of resorts and hotels, this forces competition and give you amazing rates! Flights into Cancun can come direct from most major U.S. airports!

But the real hidden gem of this area is a short road trip away from the mega clubs and resorts. Take a day trip to Tulum for a step back in time among Mayan ruins and pristine beaches. Known as a health mecca, fresh juices and acai bowls are abound here for minimal costs! You can also spend a full day exploring cenotes, large limestone holes in the ground full of fresh water! They are breathtaking and another reason this location had to be number one on the list! Cancun also comes in at just $93 USD/ day making it relatively cost-efficient. This would be great for a family trip, a group trip OR my romantics! It really gives something for everyone all within the budget!

My Top Budget Accommodation Picks in Cancun and Tulum:


I hope this list has inspired you and made you realize you don't have to take out a second mortgage to soak up the sun in paradise. For the cost of maybe not eating out for a few months, you could be sipping pina coladas on an island somewhere! Totally doable right?!

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Top 5 Budget Friendly Beach Vacations

Top 5 Budget Friendly Beach Vacations

Top 5 Budget Friendly Beach Vacations

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