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Travel Guide: Jervis Bay, Australia

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Where to go, what to do and where to stay in Jervis Bay, Australia! The whitest sand in the world and beautiful blue waters, this Australian beach town is paradise!

One of the main reasons I started a blog was to help people plan the perfect escape. I want to help you narrow down the endless possibilities for your vacation by finding that piece of paradise that is made for you! Because of that, I am going to start publishing Travel Guides of all the amazing tropical locations I have personally visited over the years. I want to give you the perspective of someone that has been there and can tell you the "real deal" about a location! That way, when you choose one of these beautiful destinations, it is the perfect fit for you!

This post contains affiliate links which means that at no extra cost to you, we could earn a few percent commission if you book at any of the accommodations we recommend.

White sandy beaches and clear blue waters await you!
Jervis Bay, Australia

Our first destination is Jervis Bay, Australia. Jervis Bay is about a 3 hour drive south of Sydney. You can get flights into Sydney from pretty much anywhere in the world and rent a car to make the drive. The north side of the bay is the Beecroft Peninsula which is home to the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and military training grounds. The south side of the bay is the Booderee National Park which hosts numerous camping grounds and beautiful beaches and bush land. Along the coast of the bay, you will find a few small seaside towns where you can find wonderful accommodations and dining. What won me over with Jervis Bay was the gorgeous white sandy beaches and clear blue waters. We visited in February which is the end of the Aussie Summer, but whale watching season occurs from the end of May through November, so this really is a year-round destination!


Where to Stay in Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay hosts a variety of accommodations depending on your party size and trip type.

For Couples on a Romantic Getaway:

We stayed in this adorable seaside cottage in Hyam's Beach. It is a Couples Only property with small seaside cottages that were built as fisherman cabins in the 1920's. They have been renovated into one-bedroom cottages with a kitchenette. Our cottage was as cute as a button and had everything we needed just steps from the famous "whitest sand in the world". We had lorikeets outside on our porch every morning and could hear the sound of the waves from our windows!

Lorikeets greeting us every morning
Our Cottage

There are a few different small apartment rentals and other hotels like this one in Huskisson and Vincentia which are the other seaside towns in the area. If you are an adventurous couple, you could also go camping in the many campgrounds in Booderee National Park on the south side of the bay.

For Families or Groups:

There are numerous home rentals like this one throughout the bay area which come fully equipped with everything you need to enjoy your vacation. Having the extra space makes all the difference when you spend all day exploring the beaches and trails and have room to come home and relax. There are numerous hotel and motel accommodations as well which really do give you a full range of price points for this destination. You could also go camping in the national park!

Hyam's Beach, Australia
Sunrise on Hyam's Beach

Where to Eat in Jervis Bay

Known for the freshest seafood, the small town of Huskisson had amazing fish and chips. We ate it a few times through our stay and loved it each time! Huskisson has a wide variety of small cafes and restaurants with a full range of price points. Fish and chips were a quick and inexpensive meal, but we also could get dressed up at night and head to one of the steakhouses that line the water. We also ate at a cute little Italian bistro for Valentine's Day in case fish is not your thing! There is a grocery store where you can purchase anything you need for meals in your rental.

Valentine's Day dinner in Huskisson!
Dining in Huskisson

The Hyam's Beach Store and Cafe is the only place in Hyam's Beach to grab a bite and it is only open for breakfast and lunch. Still, it was a great spot to grab a smoothie and breakfast sandwich before heading out on our adventures each day!

I would highly suggest packing lunch for wherever your adventures take you each day. Once in the national park, there are no restaurants or cafes. There are so many perfect picnic spots in this area that it is without a doubt the best way to enjoy a meal!


What to Do in Jervis Bay

Probably the absolute best part of any trip to Jervis Bay are the adventures that await you! With crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches, you could get lost for days just soaking up the sun. If adventuring is your thing then you can go snorkeling, kayaking, fishing, boating, hiking, you name it! Jervis Bay has a little something for everyone!


Some of the whitest sand in the world!
Hyam's Beach, Australia

Hyam's Beach is without a doubt some of the whitest sand I have seen in the WORLD! We spent a few mornings watching the sunrise here and enjoyed relaxing on the powdery sand. It was right across the road from our accommodations, so it made sense for us to stop by daily! If you are staying in another area though, you MUST make sure this beach is added to the itinerary. The town of Hyam's Beach is mostly residential so you have to find street parking to head down to the beach, During busy times and on weekends, that can be easier said than done. My recommendation? Stay in Hyam's so you can just walk like we did!

Snorkeling is a must at Green Patch! It also makes the perfect picnic spot!
Green Patch Beach

Green Patch was next on the list for whitest sand. This was probably my favorite beach of the trip because it was not crowded, did not have many waves, and had amazing visibility for snorkeling! This beach is within the Booderee National Park so there is a small entrance fee to enter the park but well worth it because then you can visit any of the beaches within the park! Green Patch is also a camping ground so you could stay here and wake up to this gorgeous view every day! This would be a great option if you just want to go to the beach and chill as there is a parking lot just a few short steps away from the beach!

Exploring the caves at Cave Beach
Cave Beach

Cave Beach is a very different type of beach than the first two. Also within the national park, this beach has a huge cave formation along one side then stretches for what seems like miles of tan sand. This beach is huge and would definitely be fun if you enjoy surfing as there were waves. There was a walk to get down to the beach though so it would not be recommend for someone with limited mobility. There was another campsite here though and right outside of it we saw wild kangaroos just lounging!

Gorgeous white sand and clear water make the perfect spot for sunbathing or swimming!
Murphy's Beach

Murry's Beach is the last of my top beach choices (although all of them are amazing!) This was probably the busiest beach we visited (we went during a weekend day) but it definitely was worth it! It also has amazing white sand and few waves. You could snorkel here or walk along the rocks just past the beach. This beach is located on the tip of the southern peninsula in the national park, so it faces towards Hyam's Beach giving you a unique view for sunset.



Snorkeling can be done at a variety of beaches throughout the bay area. Green Patch and Murry's Beach had some of the best visibility, making it easy to see all the little fish darting around the rocks and seaweed. The other amazing location for snorkeling was Honeymoon Bay, on the Beecroft peninsula on the north side of the bay. There is also a small entrance fee as it is in the military training grounds but well worth the trip! We saw rays, sharks, and many fish as we snorkeled along the rocks.


Whale Watching:

Whale watching is a common activity from May to the end of November. But the most special time is the sheltered water whale watching - mid October to late November. See humpbacks and their babies in the shallow, sheltered waters inside Jervis Bay. I did not visit during whale watching season, but I have seen whales off the coast of Sydney and it was absolutely amazing. I could only imagine how special it would be to see a mom and her baby!



Hiking is something we do on every single trip we take! We loved exploring various hiking trails throughout Booderee National Park. Many of them would be through lush forests or shrub land and come out to gorgeous secluded beaches where you were literally the only human beings around. This without a doubt is what made me fall in love with Jervis Bay! I love escaping into nature and really getting the full vacation effect!

A few notable hikes we went on include the hike from Murphy's Beach to Hole in the Wall and the many bush walks to get to Bherwerre Beach. I would recommend a 4x4 vehicle to get to some of the more remote trails but there are plenty of trails to explore that are accessible to everyone!


Boating and fishing :

Boating and fishing are also very popular here. There are various rules regarding fishing within the national park so make sure you check here before fishing or boating in a certain area! There are a few boat ramps in the bay area but also many tours that can take you out for a day of fishing or to explore the jagged coastline on private boats. You can also rent stand up paddle boards and kayaks from the local towns.



  • Depending on what days your trip falls on, schedule Hyam's Beach and Murphy's Beach for weekdays when it won't be as busy as the weekend.

  • If you are keen to see Hyam's Beach, I would recommend staying there! That way you can walk to the beach anytime you want without having to search for parking.

  • Take advantage of the fee to enter the national park by planning a few spots to check out in the same day. Most days we would do a hike first thing in the morning then find a secluded beach to picnic at for lunch! We might then do a little snorkeling or check out another beach before heading back to our accommodations.

  • If you want to see whales but still want to enjoy warm weather, try visiting in October or November when the whales stop in the bay with their calves. Australian weather gets warmer starting in September so you can enjoy the beaches and see the whales!

  • You can make a full day out of visiting the northern Beecroft peninsula. Catch it on your drive in or out to enjoy some snorkeling at Honeymoon Bay or visiting the Point Perpendicular Lighthouse.

  • Pack a wet suit for snorkeling or diving if you aren't used to the cooler water of the Pacific! I wore one the entire trip even in Australian Summer! You could go without one if you are just going for quick dips, but the wet suit kept me warmer and allowed me to stay in the water longer!

  • Pack a few different pair of footwear while you're at it! Sandals are great for the beaches but some of the trails definitely required sneakers or even boots (if you wanted)! We also wore our water shoes to walk along the rocks at the beach.

  • To see wild kangaroos in this area, head to Cave Beach. We saw them just hanging out outside the campgrounds there but also saw one just right behind our accommodations!

Let me know if you want to plan a trip to Jervis Bay! Have you ever been there? Do you want to go now?!

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